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If you have decided that living aboard a boat is the right move for you, and are now looking into the purchasing of such a vehicle, finding options should not be a source of difficulty. There are thousands of such vehicles for sale every day. Simply type "Live Aboard for Sale" into an internet search engine and then take a quick look at the results. These boats can cost anything from between seventy nine thousand to well over a million dollars.
Living aboard a boat is not just about the financial costs or benefits, of course. Being a "liveaboard" is a whole alternative lifestyle for many of those that do so, allowing them to get closer to nature, move away from the perceived "rat race" of living on the land (in cities etc) and even allowing for the possibility of richer relationships with those around them via the shared camaraderie of those others engaged in the "live aboard": world.

In the modern world, another meaning for the "live aboard" kind of boats has emerged, courtesy of the tourism industry. Many commercial diving boats offer the experience of living aboard for tourists who come from all over the world to experience diving and snorkeling adventures on operations manned by seafaring professionals. Such tours can accommodate up to thirty passengers. If this is the kind of vehicle you are hoping to look for and eventually purchase when typing "Live Aboard for Sale" into that search engine, one can only hope that you have a very large budget indeed - such vehicles generally fetching well over a half a million dollars (and that does not even begin to take into account the cost of operating such a vehicle and business).

If you are one of the ever increasing number of people thinking of buying a boat for more than just recreation… why wait? You don't have to buy the first boat that you see, but just the act of making the effort to look could well be your first step into a larger world.
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