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"Live Aboard for Sale" generally refers to the sale of boats that have the ability to allow people to live onboard. These boats are usually built or bought by someone who is intending to make it more than just a sailing vehicle, but also his or her actual permanent home. While these "liveaboards" (as they are frequently referred to) are usually expected by most to be yachts, in truth there live aboard vehicles of many different shapes and sizes. These live aboard crafts can be as small as a motorboat or as large as a fully crewed yacht or trawler, many of which come with every form of modern amenity and luxury you can imagine.

The "live aboard" lifestyle is nothing new, and has in fact been a part of society since time immemorial, though the popularity of the phenomenon has undeniably increased in recent years, no doubt due to the rising cost of housing. Living aboard a vehicle can be a much cheaper alternative (although, needless to say, it does not have to be - it all depends on who you are and how much money you have) but there are downsides that have to be considered by anyone seriously considering embarking on such a lifestyle - the small size of most live aboard boats (particularly for those on a limited budget), a greater exposure to poor weather and the ability and cost of maintaining the live aboard all need to be taken into account. That being said, living aboard a vehicle can keep costs down, given the traditionally separate costs of recreation, owning a home and transportation are essentially combined into the one primary location and activity.

While almost any form of boat can - and is - used as a live aboard, perhaps the most traditional (particularly for retirees and such like) is the old fashioned house boat. These boats are designed almost solely for residential living and as such rarely come with a motor as they are moored at one particular spot. That said, many of them are astill capable of moving on their own if need be. These houseboats generally have several bedrooms and depending on the kind can even have multiple floors as with a real house.
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